First Security Amphitheater Rental FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about renting the First Security Amphitheater

What happens if it rains?
Events take place rain or shine. If it rains the day of an event, guests, particularly those who purchased lawn tickets, are encouraged to bring tarps to sit on a plastic poncho. Ponchos may or may not be for sale on site, so come prepared. Umbrellas may or may not be allowed into the park so be prepared to leave them at the door.

Why isn't an event canceled if it rains?
Performers are contracted to hold events in the First Security Amphitheater if it can be safely held. The performer's travel schedule does not usually provide time for "rain dates."

How can I find a hotel around the First Security Amphitheater?
There are a number of hotels in the downtown area, and more information is available here. The Courtyard Marriott, Hampton Inn and Suites, Doubletree, Little Rock Marriott, Capitol and Courtyard Marriott are within walking distance.

Where do I park?
There are a number of parking options for the First Security Amphitheater. Click here for a map of the parking spaces in the River Market District. The parking spaces to the East and West of the Amphitheater may or may not be available day of show. For more information on the River Market Parking Deck call (501) 907-9575.

It is the policy of the City of Little Rock Parks and Recreation that smoking is not allowed in public parks. Please refrain from smoking inside the amphitheater grounds. If you must smoke, please exit the amphitheater to do so.

Are special arrangements made for guests with disabilities?
First Security Amphitheater is wheelchair accessible. Restrooms are wheelchair accessible. Wheel chair seating can be requested at the time tickets are purchased. A limited number of handicapped parking spaces are available in front of the River Market. Click here for a map.

How can I obtain a performer's autograph? Signing autographs is up to the discretion of each performer. Generally, performers do not give autographs unless a prearranged "meet and greet" is scheduled. Performers typically leave immediately after the event.

How can I get a backstage pass?
Backstage passes are not for sale. The performer's management and record label control all passes. Unless you win a pass through a local radio station or promoter, there is not a way to obtain one.

Who do I call if I lost something?
After the show, items are brought to the River Market office. Please call (501) 375-2552 Mon.-Fri. to inquire about lost items.

Is there an ATM in the park?
There is not an ATM inside the First Security Amphitheater gates. There are several ATM's in the River Market District. Keep in mind there is no re-entry into the park during ticketed events.

Can I set up as a vendor during an upcoming event?
Each event handles their own vending needs and would need to be contacted individually. The River Market office does not handle these requests. For vending information at Riverfest call (501) 255-FEST.

General Amphitheater Policies
First Security Amphitheater management and staff will not tolerate the following actions from any guest:
  • Throwing any objects for obvious safety reasons.
  • No re-entry to the amphitheater. This policy has been instituted to prevent the consumption of alcoholic beverages and illegal substances. Some exceptions will be made, but you must have approval from the appropriate gate supervisor.
  • Guests who show signs of illegal substance abuse or intoxication may be refused entry.
  • Standing on the seats is not allowed because it causes sight problems for guests behind you. The chairs also are not designed for standing.

Items Not Allowed
The following items are not allowed at the First Security Amphitheater at any time:
  • Fireworks - Fireworks are not permitted. According to The Little Rock City Code (1988, Section 22-40), "No person shall discharge any firearms or fireworks in the city parks." 
  • Laser Pointers - Laser pointers are extremely distracting to a performer and other guests. They can also make a performer feel uncomfortable because some firearms use lasers as sights. 

Items Allowed on a Show-by-Show Basis
Please check event description for further information.
The following items are allowed on a show-by-show basis:
  • Audio and Video Equipment - Audio and video equipment is not permitted due to copyright laws imposed by individual artists.
  • Blankets - Blankets have been used by guests to throw other guests into the air causing serious injury. We have chosen not to permit blankets at certain shows that have a history of this behavior.
  • Cameras - Cameras are not allowed at most shows at the artist's request. However, there are times when the artist will allow guests to bring small, non-professional cameras to the show.
  • Umbrellas - Umbrellas can cause sight problems for guests sitting behind you.
  • Lawn Chairs - Lawn chairs differ in size and shape. A guest might bring a chair that blocks the view to other guests.
  • Strollers and Playpens - Strollers and playpens block aisles and violate fire codes in the seating area.
  • Food and Beverage - when food and beverage is being sold on site generally you may not bring in these items. You may bring in items for medical purposes but will need to check in with the appropriate gate supervisor.