Riverfront Park

Riverfront ParkLocated on LaHarpe Boulevard, Riverfront Park stretches eleven blocks on the south bank of the Arkansas River in downtown Little Rock. The park provides 33 acres of urban parkland for outdoor events, leisure activities and a glimpse of the state's history.

The Belvedere Pavilion and the Sunken Plaza area are available for special event rental. The Park is also home to many exciting concerts at the Riverfest Amphitheatre, and boasts 10 beautiful sculptures along the Sculptural Promenade (Map).

Contact the Little Rock Parks and Recreation Department for rental information at 501-371-6848.

Click here for map of Riverfront Park.

Arkansas River Trail
Currently comprised of 17 miles of beautiful trails and walking paths, the Arkansas River Trail allows the sister cities of Little Rock and North Little Rock to connect people, enabling walking or cycling between the cities. When completed, the Arkansas River Trail will reach from downtown Little Rock to Pinnacle Mountain State Park on the southern shore, and from downtown North Little Rock to Cook's Landing on the northern shore.

A fourteen-mile loop was created with the addition of the Big Dam Bridge, a pedestrian bridge crossing the Arkansas River at Murray Lock and Dam, and the Junction Bridge and Clinton Presidential Park Bridge in the River Market, both newly-renovated railroad bridges located in the River Market District.

History PavillionHistory Pavilion
The city skyline, visible from the park makes it difficult to imagine the area as it appeared to early explorers. Today we can only envision it through their drawings and maps, their descriptions of geographic characteristics and the natural landmarks they noted. The History Pavilion takes you on a trip back in time. Read about the history of Little Rock, and the state of Arkansas, in this great exhibit.

The History Pavilion is also home to an Indian Head statue which was carved by Peter Toth in 1975. This statue was one of approximately sixty Native American likenesses that he carved in all 50 states. The statue represents a tribute to Native Americans. Contact the Little Rock Parks and Recreation Department for rental information.

Junction Bridge
As an integral part of the Six Bridge skyline, and riverfront development in Little Rock and North Little Rock, the Junction Railroad Bridge for pedestrian and bicycle use, links both sides of the Arkansas River Trail. Access to the bridge is via a walkway (handicap accessible) directly behind the River Market pavilions on the Little Rock side and from Washington Street near the arena on the North Little Rock side.

Junction BridgeJunction Bridge has served as a backdrop to both Little Rock and North Little Rock's skylines for over 100 years. Today, this vital landmark has been transformed into a pedestrian bridge that will serve as one of the state's premiere "destinations" for both tourists and locals to view the Arkansas River and discover the heart of Central Arkansas' flourishing activities.

The long-awaited completion of the renovation of the Junction Railroad Bridge took place May 17, 2008. A ceremonial "Tying Two Cities Together" was accomplished with two 900 foot lengths of ribbon reaching from each end of the bridge. Local school groups brought the ribbon together at the center of the bridge for a symbolic tying of the cities.

La Petite Roche PlazaLa Petite Roche Plaza
This rock outcropping known to explorers as the "Little Rock" to distinguish it from the "Big Rock" upstream is one of the most important landmarks in Arkansas.

Early travelers on their way up the river noticed that this rock marked the transition from the alluvial lands of the East to the rugged hills of the Ozarks and Ouachitas. The rock afforded a natural landing for boats. Travelers along the Southwest Trail which passed through Arkansas from the Northeast to Southwest crossed the river at or near this "Point of Rocks."

Medical Mile
The Medical Mile has become an artistic expression of health designed to inspire, delight, and motivate people to make wellness-oriented lifestyle changes. It includes a 1,300 foot three-dimensional mural wall, a wellness promenade with artful displays, as well as, a Body-Mind-Spirit entry plaza that encourages trail users to remember that a healthy mind and spirit are the key steps toward a healthy body.

The inspiration, born of a collaboration between the National Park Service Rivers Trails and Conservation Assistance Program, Heart Clinic Arkansas and Little Rock Parks and Recreation, became the focal point for a unique health and trails partnership that created the nation's first outdoor linear health museum.

Ozark Pavilion
This beautiful pavilion located inside Peabody Park, the new adventure playground, is quickly becoming a favorite spot for birthday parties. The Ozark Pavilion has a capacity of 100. It is surrounded by underground tunnels, a tube slide, a climbing wall, a splash fountain, and a space net. The pavilion is elevated and helps you keep an eye on your kids while staying out of their way. Contact the Little Rock Parks and Recreation Department for rental information.

Riverfront Park Belvedere
In 1986, the Belvedere in Riverfront Park was constructed north of what was then the Excelsior Hotel. It was built in commemoration of the sesquicentennial of Arkansas' statehood. This small, concrete gazebo-like structure serves as a performance space for all kinds of instrumental music. Though originally programmed by the City of Little Rock with more classical and traditional instrumental music groups, recent years have seen it as a favorite spot for garage bands and local musicians seeking an outdoor performance space. Contact the Little Rock Parks and Recreation Department for rental information.

Forever a Rose Garden
"Forever A Rose" by Denny Haskew was originally created as a maquette (study) and was an immediate success and the edition sold out quickly to some of this countries prestige collectors.

When Denny created the piece, he wrote a poem to go with it:

Symbolically, roses are a symbol of love and, more strongly still, of the offerings made by a love which was pure. In beauty, shape and scent, the rose is outstanding and hence has become the most commonly used floral symbol in the West. Roses symbolize the chalice of life, the soul, the heart and love.

The garden is surrounded by roses that bloom spring to first frost and Yoshino Cherry trees that bloom in the spring. Contact the Little Rock Parks and Recreation Department for rental information.

Peabody Park, An Adventure in Play
Peabody Park, the most recent addition to Riverfront Park, is an adventure playground like no other. Click here to read an essay about Peabody Park written by Dr. Dean Kumpuris. Located west of the Junction Bridge and north of the Medical Mile in Riverfront Park, Peabody Park is a unique play environment, designed with help from children, it encourages imagination, exploration and discovery. Some of its many wondrous features include several outdoor and underground tunnels, large native stones for climbing, a spray pad, large slide, and the Ozark Pavilion.

Sunken Plaza
Sunken PlazaThis wonderful area behind The Little Rock Marriott at the west end of Riverfront Park is a great place to hold an event or just eat lunch. Enjoy the soothing sounds of the splash pad while enjoying a spectacular view of the Arkansas River or the incredible near by sculptures.  Time spent in Riverfront Park West is especially enjoyable when the Crepe Myrtles are in bloom, July-September.

Amenities include water, electricity, limited permanent picnic tables, plenty of parking and a great view. Plenty of electricity for bands and you can even set up a tent. Any type of event can happen here from cocktail parties to barbecues. Riverfront Park West has been host to Riverfest, the Martin Luther King Jr. National Youth Assembly and many more. Contact the Little Rock Parks and Recreation Department for rental information.

Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden
This dynamic garden is located east of the Marriott Hotel near the Forever a Rose Garden and the Jack Fleischauer Garden. It is home dozens of sculptures in the park, along with dozens that have been installed in the River Market District since 2004. The sculpture garden features natural terraces and walkways. There is a space to host receptions, weddings or other events as well as to allow visitors to enjoy the sculptures in solitude. The sculpture garden is made possible through the support of the Vogel Schwartz Foundation.

Banner at LaHarpe
For information about hanging your event's banner at LaHarpe curve, please click here.

The Julius Breckling Riverfront Park is managed by the Little Rock Parks and Recreation Department. For reservations, rentals and/or additional information call (501)371-4770.