River Market Entertainment District

An overhead map of the River Market Entertainment District Boundaries

Get outside and enjoy even more of Little Rock’s 
most vibrant neighborhood.

The River Market Entertainment District (RMED) allows guests age 21 and older to carry alcoholic beverages in RMED cups while wearing the RMED wristband in all public spaces and participating commercial properties, within the boundaries of the district daily from 8 a.m.-midnight.




The cup and wristband MUST be the approved versions for the River Market Entertainment District. Both are available at participating bars and restaurants within the district.



Can you take cups into different establishments?

Yes, you may take EMPTY RMED cups into different establishments that sell alcoholic beverages, where you may purchase a beverage and reuse your RMED cup. Please note that ABC rules prevent you from taking a full RMED cup from one establishment selling alcoholic beverages to another establishment selling alcoholic beverages. Some retail and special event locations that do not sell alcohol may allow you to enter their establishments with a full RMED cup. These establishments will have signs at the door to designate their participation in RMED. 

Can you reuse your cup?

Sure, as long as you do not bring a beverage from one establishment that sells alcohol into another. In addition, we care about the environment and have selected a plant based, compostable Greenware cup.

Can I bring my own alcoholic beverage, pour it into a RMED cup, and walk around in the RMED?

Heck, no. Only drinks purchased from participating businesses within the RMED are allowed. No outside cans, glass bottles or drinks are permitted.

What types of alcoholic beverage can I have in my RMED cup?

Any alcoholic beverage you can buy within the RMED is allowed to be consumed in designated RMED cups. Drinks must be purchased from a participating business.

Can I walk anywhere within the RMED with my approved RMED cup?

Yep. Patrons can enjoy their beverage in all public gathering spaces, such as sidewalks and public right-of-way areas, within the boundaries of the River Market Entertainment District. See the map for details. Some non-alcohol serving businesses located within the RMED boundary may choose to allow RMED patrons to enter their establishment as well. 

Can I take my RMED cup into Riverfront Park or First Security Amphitheater?

No. Those areas are outside of the RMED boundaries.

Can I take my RMED cup on the streetcar?

No. RMED beverages are not allowed on the streetcar.


Enjoy & always drink responsibly!