Ready, set, chop!

Posted on October 16, 2017
Want to know more about Little Rock’s food scene? “CHOP the ROCK” is a new cooking show featuring local chefs sharing their culinary passions. Food builds community – and local food companies, restaurants and organizations are doing good things for Little Rock and its people by sharing their missions, working with local farmers, using sustainable practices, and creating masterful dishes.

Check out the deliciousness at the Arkansas Heart Hospital where folks are actually making a hospital a part of their lunch plans. Learn what the Arkansas Hunger Alliance is doing to relieve hunger through ‘Cooking Matters’ and other initiatives. Get some great tips and mouth-watering recipes from our local greats – and maybe walk away with a few of their secrets.

Each week, watch CHOP the ROCK on Little Rock’s local access channel, LRTV. Monday nights at 7 PM (CST), tune in to Comcast Channel 11 and AT&T Uverse Channel 99.  LRTV is available to 40,000 homes in and around Little Rock.

Catch Chop the Rock on LRTV at:
Monday: 7pm & 11pm  
Tuesday:  3am & 12pm   
Wednesday:  7am & 4pm 
Thursday: 2am & 2pm 
Friday: 5am & 9pm 
Saturday: 1am & 10am 
Sunday: 5am & 2pm
Created by: Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau 
Hosted by: Little Rock River Market