Six Electrifying Facts About the Tesla Theatre at Museum of Discovery

Posted on July 19, 2019
Museum of Discovery- a massive tesla coil sends bolts of electricity arcing across the sky before connecting to a ground terminal

On Saturday, July 20, the Museum of Discovery hosts “Shock the Rock” on the grounds of the Clinton Presidential Center. The event features the world’s largest Tesla coil as it shoots 60-foot bolts of lightning. This one-day event will shock you, but for those who are unable to make it, you can still have a hair-raising experience at the Museum’s Tesla Theatre sponsored by Entergy.

Here are six facts that will spark the Museum of Discovery’s Tesla Theatre:  

  1. The Museum of Discovery’s Tesla coil holds the Guinness World Record for the largest musical bi-polar Tesla coil.
  2. Unlike the Tesla coil at the Shock the Rock event that shoots lightning bolts harmlessly info the air, the Museum’s bi-polar Tesla coil arcs electricity between two points on the coil’s surface.
  3. The Museum’s coil creates over 200,000 volts of electricity, resulting in dazzling arcs of white-hot electric current.
  4. By modulating the frequency of the “lightning” the coil produces, museum educators can play music on the coil, mimicking several well-known songs.
  5. The Tesla coil was invented by Nikola Tesla who also developed the alternating-current electricity system that we still use in buildings today.
  6. Thanks to a sponsorship by Entergy, tickets to the Tesla theatre are now included with price of admission to the Museum of Discovery, allowing guests to catch any of the multiple showing each day.
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