Little Rock Big Voices — Diana Long

Posted on June 26, 2020
A local for more than two decades, Diana Long serves as the Director of River Market Operations for the Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau. From the River Market pavilions to the First Security Amphitheater, she manages the events and partnerships that make the River Market District and its programming so special.

What do you like most about working in the River Market?
I think I have the coolest job in Little Rock.  My favorite part about working in the River Market is getting to be part of our community and hopefully, making it a little bit better of a place to live with our events, inclusive atmosphere and great fun.

How do you think the River Market sets itself apart from other neighborhoods? 
The variety.   There is just SO MUCH to do and see in a very walkable area (parks, museums, art, music, local food, shopping). I love that we are so family friendly during the daytime, yet very much an entertainment district at night.

What are some things about the River Market that you think even locals might not know about?
Today we think of downtown as a busy, bustling place, but it wasn’t always the case especially after businesses either closed or relocated to other parts of town in the 1980s and 1990s. The creation of the River Market Ottenheimer Market Hall and River Market pavilions began the downtown Little Rock revitalization effort. The Market Hall opened in 1996 and from there, the District began to thrive.

What do you love most about Little Rock?
I like that our cultural, entertainment and food scenes give Little Rock a big city vibe, yet it feels like a small town where people are friendly and know their neighbors.

If you were giving someone a tour of Little Rock, what would be some of the “can’t-miss” places you’d take them?
Obviously, I’d take them to the River Market FIRST where we would tour Riverfront Park and the Sculpture Garden, then the rest of the District. After that, we would head over to SoMa for shopping and a walk around the historic neighborhood. I’d also make sure they saw our bridges lit up at night because I love that so much.

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