6 of the Best Works on the Little Rock Sculpture Tour

Posted on August 14, 2020

Recent years have seen downtown Little Rock’s Riverfront Park become filled with more than 100 inspiring and inventive sculptures. Many of the these works of art are located in the park’s Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden, but there are pieces hidden all throughout the park’s 33 acres. Now, with our new virtual sculpture tour, it’s easier than ever to discover these breathtaking works of art. And the interactive maps let you plan your tour journey, highlighting just how densely populated with art the park truly is!

Riverfront Park is a great place for social distancing, so here are six of our favorite, can’t-miss sculptures worth seeking out on your own art discovery.


Big Bill

(Pictured above)

Electric blue tree frogs may not quite be a native species to Little Rock, but Big Bill is right at home on the banks of the Arkansas River. Located in the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden, he keeps a watchful eye on the park, ready to snap up any flies that stray too close.


Bliss & Glee

A sculpture of a sheep stands upright with one leg slightly kicked up, on top of a stone pedestal. A sculpture of a sheep in a baseball pitcher's wind-up position.

These two ewes are caught in a moment of pure joy. You’ll find them standing near the entrance of the Margaret Clark Adventure Park, a dedicated zone were children can climb and play while overlooking the boats and barges that travel along the river. While you’re there, keep an eye out for a nearby hippo wading its way through a sidewalk as it makes its way to the water.


Forever Ready

A sculpture of a dog, crouched on the end of a dock, ready to spring into the water to retrieve something.

Ken Newman’s sculpture of a dog ready to run is one of the most popular sculptures in all of Riverfront Park. When you visit, be sure to scratch his ears and let him know what a good boy he is. You’ll find him near many of the other animal sculptures that call the garden home including wolves, rabbits, eagles, owls, horses and deer.



A praying mantis sculpture hides among the tall grass in the Vogel-Schwartz Sculpture Garden

You’ll have to look down to spot this one. This piece is almost hidden in the sculpture garden’s billowing grasses, mimicking the praying mantis’ natural habitat. Keep your eyes peeled as you explore the park; you might even see a fox and a mother deer peeking out from the bushes in other areas.


Crane Unfolding

A sculpture of a paper origami crane in various stages rests along the banks of the Arkansas River.

Kevin Box’s sculpture depicts a single origami paper crane as it comes to land on the riverbank and transforms back into a single sheet of flattened paper. It’s a perfect spot to watch the water roll by and to contemplate the peace and tranquility the park offers.


Casimir Pulaski

A bust of Revolutionary War hero Casmir Pulaski, for whom Pulaski County was named, rests on a stone pedestal surrounded by flowers in Little Rock's Riverfront Park.

Sure, this may look like the bust of an early-80s rock legend, but in actuality, it’s Count Casimir Pulaski, they man after whom Pulaski County is named. You can find his bust near the base of the Junction Bridge where his steely gaze and mile-high hair greet visitors as they enter the park.


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