How to Eat Out in Little Rock

Posted on August 20, 2020

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been missing the comfort of our local restaurants during these past few months. Sure, take-out, curbside and delivery have been great options and they’re still available, but many of us are ready to pull up a chair at our favorite restaurants. Here’s everything you need to know to go out to eat in Little Rock.


What’s Open
As business owners begin reopening their restaurants for dine-in, we monitor their websites and social media platforms to keep a list of which restaurants are opened and closed. You can view that list here, and if you notice a reopened restaurant that we’ve missed, let us know by emailing [email protected].


Know Before You Go
Currently, Little Rock restaurants are operating at a 66% capacity and have adopted extra safety guidelines for patrons and staff. A new city initiative is letting restaurants expand their dining rooms onto nearby sidewalks and parking lots. We recommend calling ahead to check on the availability of a table or checking the restaurant’s website or Facebook page to see if they offer reservations.


At the Table
Once you arrive, you’ll find that social distancing guidelines are in full effect. State guidelines require ten feet between tables and that all employees who come in contact with guests to wear a face mask. Guests should also wear face masks upon entering the restaurant, because restaurants may turn away diners who aren’t wearing one. Currently, groups are limited to ten people or less.


Back of House
Behind the scenes, Little Rock restaurant workers are following strict guidelines to keep everyone safe. All staff are screened daily before entering the facility, and any employee with a cough, sore throat, fever or shortness of breath is sent home. Following each meal service, the tables, chairs, menus and all other surfaces including everything from condiment containers, napkin holders to the salt and pepper shakers are cleaned and disinfected before the next customers sit down. Single-use items including, but not limited to, disposable silverware, condiment packets and straws have been removed from public access and are now provided only upon request.

Our local restaurants are an integral part of what makes Little Rock such an incredible place to visit and to call home. They’re also the reason why publications like Wine Enthusiast, Bourbon & Boots, Food & Wine and Southern Living have all raved about our food scene as being one of the best in the south and one of America’s most undiscovered foodie paradises. Now is our chance to continue showing them the same love and support that they’ve given our community throughout the years.

Visit our list of open restaurants.

Photo credit: Raduno_LR on Instagram