Then There Was Joe screening and filmmaker Q&A

Date: 01/12/18 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Presented by the Arkansas Cinema Society, "Then There Was Joe" is a comedy feature written and directed by Little Rock Native Justin Warren.

"Then There Was Joe" is the first film in the ACS's Homegrown Film Series and is based around the filmmakers actual family. 

About "Then There Was Joe"

A little over a year ago, my big brother went missing. 

No, he was not abducted. He wasn’t captured behind enemy lines. He skipped town and went on the lam from the police. His lifelong obsession with thug living finally caught up with him. It’s heartbreaking because we were months away from making a movie together--An experience I designed to heal our broken relationship before it was too late.

We were raised by the same upper-middle class parents, but we came out opposites. My brother’s extracurricular activities included bedding literally hundreds of the most beautiful women in town and causing trouble on Oak Street, which HBO’s *Bangin’ in Little Rock* considered the most dangerous street corner in America. I was hardcore in my own way: I took folk guitar lessons after school. And I couldn’t buy a date if I tried. 

But don’t be fooled! My brother is a genius. He’s well versed in ghetto fabulous living, yet flourishes in country clubs. If you told me he charmed his way into President Obama’s cabinet, I’d totally believe you. He's absolutely brilliant. But he does dumb things. We were raised by the same parents, but came out opposites. He is the most complex person I've ever met. He's the inspiration for this film. And my brother supports this film 100 percent.

Event Information
CALS Ron Robinson Theater
100 River Market Avenue , Little Rock, AR, 72201
Pricing: $12