Doodle POP

Dates: 05/21/22 10:00 AM - 05/22/22 4:00 PM

AMFA is proud to present “Doodle POP,” a Children’s Theatre production from South Korea’s Brush Theatre where cartoons come to life! Get ready for giggles galore as mischievous duo Woogie and Boogie make magic with artful illustrations, playful scribbles, silly sound effects, and electrifying animations. Through their heartfelt friendship and hilarious antics, they invite you along on an adventure using the art of imagination…where anything is possible.

Perfect for young hearts and minds age three and up, “Doodle POP” doesn’t just dare you to doodle – it brings global voices and diverse perspectives to the wider world in ways that cultivate empathy and encourage creativity. This limited run of performances is interactive and engaging, showcasing the most cutting-edge artistry and innovative technology available today in international theatre designed for youth and families. Laughs abound in this ink-splattered delight, so be sure to grab tickets to a performance before they all disappear!

Event Information
CALS Ron Robinson Theater
100 River Market Ave, Little Rock, AR, 72201
Pricing: 20