Market Hall and Farmers' Market Entertainer Rules and Regulations


The River Market's mission with regard to entertainers is to maintain locations within the Market where performing artists are encouraged to entertain Market shoppers in a fashion consistent with, complimentary to, and as an integral part of the Market Community.

Types of entertainment that will be accepted within the Market include: instrumental and vocal musicians, children’s puppet theater, clowns, improv performers, jugglers, mimes, and magicians.

Prospective entertainers should check in with the River Market Management prior to setting up at the Market. Entertainers must be in compliance with all city ordinances and state laws.

Entertainers are welcome to perform at the Farmers' Market in any of the four designated locations. These spaces will be assigned by the Farmers' Market Management Staff. PLEASE BE AWARE - there are only four permanent spaces for entertainers to set up and these will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. The two spaces are available. Should an entertainer decided to pay $20 and stay for the entire eight hours, he or she will be asked to rotate one space clockwise. Non Farmers' Market entertainment locations include St. Vincent's Plaza and in front of the Market Hall.  Entertainers must check in with Market Management before setting up to verify there are no conflicting events or space reservations. Playing from Market owned benches and tables is prohibited; entertainers must bring their own props (chairs, tables, etc.).

Entertainers are asked to be courteous as to the volume of your music so that the vendors are able to conduct business. All performances must be played at levels that do not significantly interfere with normal verbal communication at the nearest place of business. The Market Manager has the right to monitor music levels and ask any entertainer to lower the volume level at any time. Entertainers that refuse to abide by the requests of the Market Manager will be asked to leave the Market.

Farmers’ Market hours are 7am to 3pm on Saturdays from the first Saturday in May until the last Saturday in September. Additional hours and non Farmers’ Market hours will be based on availability and special events scheduled. This application applies to Market Hall, Pavilions and areas between Ottenheimer and St. Vincent and President Clinton Avenue and Riverfest Plaza. Any other areas are under the direct supervision of the City of Little Rock and Little Rock Police Department may require you to present a Peddler’s License. Information regarding a Peddler’s License is available by calling 501-371-4510.

Entertainers who perform in the River Market may receive donations, and recordings by the entertainer can be available for sale; however, entertainers are prohibited from active solicitation of donations and from active sale of any product associated with the performance.

No entertainer shall treat any person in a manner that is rough, menacing, vulgar, profane or abusive. Entertainers are responsible for moderating the volume of their performance to a level appropriate to the surroundings. Entertainers are responsible for respecting reasonable requests of nearby merchants regarding performance volume and crowd control.

Entertainers are responsible for ensuring that their audience does not block vehicle traffic, access to Market buildings or to merchant businesses, or cause a safety hazard. Entertainers are responsible for respecting spaces provided for performance by keeping them free from unnecessary clutter. Animals used in performances must be treated in a manner which is not exploiting, demeaning, or harmful.

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