Outdoor Special Event Vendor Sign-up


(NOT for the Little Rock Farmers' Market)

Required Documentation

1. Health Department Approval

Must provide a copy of approval for file and have on hand during events.

2. Business License

Must provide a copy of license for file and have on hand during events.

3. Menu

Must provide a copy of menu for file. Vendors are ONLY allowed to sell items from presented menu unless otherwise approved by River Market Management in advance.


Must be registered with the Little Rock A&P Tax Department and current.

Vendor Areas

Vendors are allowed to set up and serve food ONLY in designated areas as assigned by River Market Management. We will communicate assigned set up locations to each approved vendor prior to each event.

Vendors must stay with their food truck, cart or other setup and may NOT approach event attendees outside the designated area assigned to that vendor.


The River Market does not require vendors to pay a percentage of gross sales back to the venue, but we do charge rent to set up. Rental rates vary by event. Vendors will be notified of rental rates for each event at which they are approved to set up.

Rent is due each day vendors set up. We cannot bill for rental invoices. Checks may be made payable to The River Market.


Vendors are responsible for paying all state and local taxes.  Vendors must be registered with the City of Little Rock A&P Tax Commission and must be current on filings and taxes due to participate.  Vendors must complete and submit the DFA Special event tax form (provided by Manager) at the end of each event with either payment to DFA enclosed or a reporting of earnings and the total amount to be paid from this event as part of monthly remittance.

Set Up / Tear Down

Set Up and Tear Down times will be determined by River Market Management and communicated to vendors prior to the event.

Vendors are not allowed to enter the designated vendor area for set up prior to the stated set up time and are required to stay in their assigned location until the stated tear down time. 

Outdoor Special Event Food Vendor Sign-Up Form

**Fill out this form to be considered to vend at River Market organized and operated events OTHER than Little Rock Farmers’ Market.


Power is limited. Vendors are not guaranteed power. Please confirm with manager before arrival if you cannot operate without power provided by the venue.

Please check one of the following
Do you have a City of Little Rock Business License and Arkansas Dept. of Health Certificate?
Vendor agreement

This form MUST be completed and APPROVED before Vendors are authorized to participate. Having your information on file does NOT authorize you to set up at special events that are NOT owned by The River Market. Vendors allowed to set up at River Market events will be notified in advance of their approved participation. Vendor spaces can only be assigned by River Market Management; otherwise, spaces are first come, first served.  No specific space is guaranteed for any vendor unless assigned by River Market Management.


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