Rules and Regulations

Little Rock’s Farmers’ Market Rules & Regulations

Official Little Rock Farmers' Market Dates for 2021 are:
Saturdays - May 1 - September 25, 7 AM - 3 PM
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The Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau (LRCVB) is the operator of the River Market. LRCVB is dedicated to the success of the River Market and its Farmers’ Market. A well maintained and operated Market for the sale of high-quality products will benefit the producer, the consumer and the River Market area.

Each Market Day there will be Farmers’ Market Manager(s) present to assist with operations. Any questions or concerns should be directed to one of the Farmers’ Market Managers. The Manager(s) will make all managerial decisions based on the rules and regulations as stated herein.

The Little Rock Farmers’ Market will allow the following types of vendors:

  • Farmers and/or Produce Brokers
  • Locally prepared food products
  • Handcrafted Specialties (Leather, Wood, Metal, Glass, Pottery)
  • Art
  • Jewelry
  • Personal Care (Soaps, Oils, CBD, Bath Bombs)
  • Commercial items (limited space available)
  • Non-profit organizations

Vendors must have 75% of any product in order to qualify in a category listed above (i.e. to be a farmer 75% of your product line must be produce, artisan vendors must have a 75% product line of handcrafted, non-commercial items). Items with obscenities, written or implied, and counterfeit or “knock-off” items cannot be sold at the Market. All Farmers are required to post the name and address of their farm at their market stand.

The following items cannot be sold in the Farmers’ Market:

  • Weapons of any nature
  • Animals


Produce:  Vendors are allowed to sell produce that is not native to Arkansas, such as high-quality fruits and vegetables. As always, we expect very high-quality produce; any substandard produce will be barred from the Market. No vendors shall sell produce, which is unsound or unwholesome, or which fails to meet the standards or requirements of federal, state, and local laws. All vendors will observe sanitation, or other legal requirements. In no instance will produce that contains a total of more than 10% decay, shriveling, and/or blemishes be offered for sale. If you have unfit produce and must weed it out at the Market you must pack it and take it back home with you – no spoiled produce can be left at the Market. Vendors who sell unfit produce will be asked to remove it from their display. No vendor shall use a ‘false pack’, which means the topping or facing containers with the best produce exposed and poor produce concealed underneath. If your product is found unfit to sell at the Market Management will ask you to discontinue sales of this item immediately. Vendors who repeatedly try to sell unfit produce will be asked to leave the Market.

All produce vendors are required to post signage stating the name of the farm, and address of where produce sold at this market is grown. 

Locally Prepared Food Products:  Any vendor bringing homemade food items to sell at the Market must follow the requirements set forth by the Health Department. All homemade items must have a label affixed to the packaging. Printed clearly on the label should be the following information: your name or business name, full address and phone number, net weight of product, and a complete listing of ingredients.

 Items that can be sold under the Cottage Food Act of 2020 are as follows:

  • Bakery Products that do not require refrigeration
  • Fruit butter, jams, jellies, candy
  • Honey, sorghum, maple syrup

Items that can NOT be sold unless a permit from the Arkansas Department of Health is presented:

  • Sliced Fruits or Vegetables
  • Smoked Meats
  • Anything requiring handling, bagging, dividing, portioning, weighing, etc.
  • Anything requiring refrigeration
  • Canned Foods
  • Cheesecake
  • Cream Cheese Based Frostings or Fillings
  • Cream pies & Cream Filled Items
  • Cured Meats
  • Custard Pies
  • Dried fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Spices
  • Dried Meats
  • Juices
  • Meringue Pies
  • Milled Grain, Flour, Meal
  • Pickled Vegetables
  • Salad
  • Shelled Peas or Nuts
  • Sprouted Beans or Seeds
  • Salsa & Pepper Jelly

Artisan Vendors: Must hand make 75% of their merchandise in order to qualify. Artisan vendors are encouraged to demonstrate their craft within their booth space.

Commercial Items:  Commercial clothing (i.e. t-shirts, ball caps, sweat suits, etc.), apparel accessories (i.e. jewelry, sunglasses, purses, etc.), home accessories (pots, swings, statues, etc.) and children’s toys of high quality can be sold in the Market. Items with obscenities written or implied cannot be sold at the Market. Counterfeit or “knock-off” items may NOT be sold.   Any vendor not in compliance will be asked to remove the items.

Non-profit or Informational groups:  A non-profit organization that sets up a booth for information purposes only will not be required to pay the rental fee.  Groups that set up with items to sell will be required to pay ½ price rental.

Health Department Guidelines:  Due to the handling of food products / food nature, personal hygiene/cleanliness must be kept in line with Arkansas Department of Health 3-401: The overall cleanliness and observation of good hygienic practices by vendors include not only the personal cleanliness of the 3 vendors but also the way he/she performs his/her business transactions. Meat: Producers of meat products are welcome at the Market and are required to follow all of the local, state and national guidelines. All frozen meat products must be kept frozen; all refrigerated meat products must be kept refrigerated according to the State Health Department regulations. Seafood: Fresh seafood must be refrigerated, bagged and sold per bag. It must be labeled with the origin name, address & phone number. Eggs: fresh eggs must be in plain cartons with the information of the seller and kept in a refrigerated unit.

Please contact Vickie Jones, Pulaski County Health Unit Administrator (501-280-3100) if you have questions regarding Health Department standards.


Vendors with assigned spaces: Assigned spaces must be occupied by 5:30am. Vendors with assigned spaces are encouraged to notify the Market Manager the day BEFORE the market if they know they will not be in attendance. Assigned spaces will be held until 6am unless Market Management is contacted. (Farmers Market Manger Diana at 501-804-1262) call or text Friday before Market day or between 5am-6am ON Market Days to notify of absence).

Load In:
Vehicles must be unloaded and moved from the area as quickly as possible. All vehicles that are not parked within the vendor space must be moved by 6:45am. Vendors without an assigned space should line up behind the pavilions facing East. Access to the line is north on Ottenheimer Street. Security will be on site to assist. Vendors are not allowed to leave their space prior to 1pm unless they have checked with Market Management and can safely exit the area. 


Retaining a reserved space from year to year requires the vendor attend at least one half of the available Farmers’ Markets dates. 

Vendor Conduct:  Vendors must sell within the boundaries of their rented space. Vendors are not allowed to roam the Market in order to sell their products. Vendors may not set up a table, etc. in order to hold a space. Booths that are not staffed by 6:00am will be assigned to another vendor and management reserves the right to move the original vendor’s equipment, merchandise, etc. out of the space in order to accommodate the new vendor. The River Market does not provide any set up equipment or supplies. It is the responsibility of the vendor to provide any and all extension cords, tables, chairs, signage, tape, decorations, and display equipment. During summer months, ice will be available for purchase from River Market Management. Tents must fit within the space assigned. Vendors must pick up all loose produce and sweep, if necessary, their space before they leave. Vendors leaving their space unclean will be charged a $25.00 clean up fee that will be noted and due the next time the vendor attends. Vendors may not use the River Market’s outside or inside individual trashcans to dispose of left-over produce. The Farmers’ Market concludes at 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays. When evening events are scheduled in the pavilions, please vacate the premises quickly. Evening pavilion events will be notified that they may not ‘load in’ until 4:00 p.m., however, Management reserves the right to make exceptions. Vendors must be completely out of their space by 4:00 p.m. unless there is not a scheduled event in the pavilions. Any and all of vendor’s merchandise including, tables, chairs, equipment, signage, display equipment, and trash must be removed by the designated closing time. Vendors may not use the River Market for engaging in any unlawful or improper activity. Incidents involving property damage, theft, or injury to vendor employees or River Market customers must be reported immediately to Management. Vendors should adequately insure their own employees and any personal property used at the River Market. The Bureau assumes no responsibility or liability for vendors’ personal property or vendors’ employees. Any damage, destruction, or injury to vendors’ personal property or employees or to River Market property or River Market customers caused by a vendor or its employees is the sole responsibility of the vendor. Inappropriate conduct or language towards other participants, customers, or management will not be tolerated and can be grounds for immediate dismissal from the Market. All complaints will be investigated thoroughly by Market Management. Vendors that have a complaint may verbally relay them to Management or may submit them in writing to the River Market office. Management will investigate the complaint and will respond to the vendor in writing. Inappropriate conduct during the complaint process (i.e. yelling, swearing, throwing items, harassing or threatening management, etc.) will not be tolerated and could result in immediate dismissal from the Market. Vendors who choose to bring children to the Market are asked to ensure that the conduct of the minors is appropriate and not disruptive to customers or other vendors. The use of profanity in and around booths is not acceptable and violators may be asked to vacate the premises.

Smoking:  In accordance with City of Little Rock Policy, SMOKING IS PROHIBITED in a City Park.  The area considered Riverfront Park is from the south side of President Clinton Avenue to the River and from St. Vincent to Ottenheimer Road. Failure to abide by this policy can result in dismissal from the Farmers’ Market.

Vendor fees:  Vendor fees are based on location and the particular time of the season. Fees are non-negotiable – management will not discount or waive fees based on inclement weather or lack of traffic. Management reserves the right to change fees without notice. VENDORS ARE REQUIRED TO PAY IN FULL AT TIME OF COLLECTION BY MANAGEMENT.  VENDORS WHO ARE UNABLE TO PAY AT THIS TIME WILL BE ASKED TO VACATE THEIR SPACE.  Prices below are per day, per space.

LOCATION     May      June - July      Aug. - Sept.      
 Either Pavilion*      $20      $35      $20      
 St. Vincent*       $10      $25       $10       
 Tower Plaza*       $10       $25       $10       
 River Plaza*       $10       $25       $10       
 Patio Plaza*       $10       $25       $10       
 Riverfest Plaza & Peaks*      $5      $5      $5       
*Fees are based on spaces up to 10’x10’ – vendors utilizing more than a 10’x10’ space will be required to pay for 2 spaces.